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Moondream & JAB Anstoetz

The best solution against cold, noise and light.

We have chosen six timeless fabrics from JAB Anstoetz. They match all kinds of interior design and suit all contemporary lifestyles.

The name JAB is short for Josef Anstoetz Bielefeld, who began the first chapter of the company’s history in 1946. Recognised for the beauty of its designs, the quality of the fabrics used and the range of colours, JAB ANSTOETZ has been influencing upmarket interior design trends for over 70 years.

These fabrics are made from beautifully soft, precious materials such as cotton and linen, featuring natural colours, faded graphic lines and plant motifs. This curtain collection combines Moondream's technological efficiency with beautiful materials, and above all the “Interior Inspiration” spirit that characterises JAB's style.

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